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Dan Slipper – top 10 dance tracks – September 2014

People dancing at the Eden Closing Party 2006

Want to hear a few of the best records around at the moment? Here are some of my current favourites:

  1. Arston ft. Jake Reese – Circle Track (Armada Trice)
  2. Lost Frequencies – Are You With Me (The Bearded Man)
  3. Xaanti – My Heart (White Label)
  4. Black Snow ft. Marisa & Mark Wild – Don’t Give Up (Bedtime Records)
  5. Baseek – Feel It (Original mix) (Jango Music)
  6. Dedrekoning ft. Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Only Child (Perfecto Records)
  7. Spooner Street – Anthropomorphic (Manufactured Music)
  8. Bilal el Aly & York – Access (Planet Love Records)
  9. Dinka & Morttagua – In Caelo (LTN remix) (Morttagua)
  10. Igor Dyachkov vs Anna Lee – The Night (Silent Shore White)

Sophie Ellis-Bextor is sounding great on the new track by Dedrekoning.

If you like progressive trance, check out In Caelo. It is one of the best records I have heard in a long time.

These tracks are being played on the top dance floors, radio stations and podcasts around the world.

Enjoy the music!

Quick tip

Listen out for Black Snow – Don’t Give Up featuring the vocals of Marisa and Mark Wild.

I don’t know anything about Black Snow – who they are, where they come from or what they look like – but the track is definitely interesting.

As well as the original mix there are remixes by Trav & Volta, Akadian, Robin Roovel, Extrano and CraftyCole.

Keep your ears pricked for this one. It’s forthcoming on Bedtime Records.

Only Child


This is the new track by production team DedRekoning. It features the vocals of Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

DedRekoning are Richard Jones, Nick DeCosemo and Dimitry Tikovoi.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor has previously worked with the likes of Spiller, Freemasons and Armin van Buuren.

The new track is an absolute gem. There is a melodic melancholic original mix together with remixes by Paul Oakenfold, East & Young, Atlantic, Roddy Reynaert and Pearson & Hirst.

Just take a listen:

I think this is a great debut for the production outfit on Perfecto Records and Bextor sounds terrific.

DedRekoning ft. Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Only Child is released on 08.09.14.

From a scribble on a wall, the Start Of Forever

The Rivalry on stage

The Rivalry describe themselves as “an alternative rock ‘n roll band from Stoke on Trent”.  They have recently revealed their new single – Start Of Forever – which I think is one of the tracks of the year fusing rock and dance music to create an emotional euphoric thrill of a record.  It shows they are destined for great things.  In an exclusive interview for this blog I found out more about them.

Who are you?

We are Rob Hawthorne (vocals, guitar, keyboards); Daz Mellor (bass); Rich Howshall (drums); and Rich Wheatley (keyboards)

How did you meet?

Rob and Daz started the band a few years ago. After a few changes, Rich the drummer joined us and then Rich Wheatley started playing the keyboards.


The band

Are you self taught artists or do you have formal musical training?

We’ve picked up things over the years from others but are mostly self taught.  We just take influences from sounds we’ve heard from different bands and djs/clubs over the years.  We like a piss up and a party and we always have music on to take influence from.

What have you done?

We have supported some quality bands that we grew up listening to such as Ocean Colour Scene, John Power (Cast), Proud Mary and also supported Status Quo at Betley Festival last year.

What was your first break in the business?

We started out gigging locally and gathered a good following.  This got us noticed and it has been going well ever since. At every local gig we see the same faces that have been there from the start which is mega!

How do you create your songs? Do you work as a group or do individuals work separately and then come together?

Rob writes and creates all the songs himself. He’ll have an idea, start to develop it and then take it to the studio and work on it with the guys. The idea can come from anything.


The band in a radio studio

Who has influenced your music?

We would say we have been influenced by all the genres and artists such as Northern Soul, Motown, funk, rock ‘n roll, through to house music. Bands include the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Oasis, Happy Mondays, Electronic, New Order, Led Zeppelin, Charlatans, Stone Roses, The Music, James Brown, Fleetwood Mac….. We also like listening to various djs and remixes and we try to take this remix approach into our recordings and sets.

Your latest track is called Start of Forever. How did the song come about?

The phrase Start Of Forever came from a scribble on a wall. We set up our own studio and have a wall that people write on when they come in. Someone wrote the phrase on there and we thought that it summed up everything we were doing so we used it and created a song around it. The song itself is a mix of psychedelic rock with euphoric house so it’s a perfect blend of what we are listening to and playing at the minute. We’ve not really heard any other bands doing things like this but we think this song is what we are about.

When is your next live performance?

We haven’t got any gigs lined up yet because we are currently recording some songs. We will book some gigs in for the end of the year.

What are your ambitions for the future?

The ambition is to create something different, bring rock ‘n roll back to the forefront but with a twist. We would also like to tour the world, take mates out with us and have one massive party, buy a Bentley, take over the world and live to tell the tale…. Then do it all again!

While working on the interview I had a sneak preview of some of their forthcoming tracks. Their music is guaranteed to attract a dedicated following of passionate fans – expect to hear them on the radio, at a gig or festival in the very near future.

The Rivalry – Start Of Forever will be released on Rivalry Recordings soon.

Dan Slipper – Top 10 dance tracks – August 2014

Want to hear some of the best records around at the moment? Check out these:

July Child – When You Call (The Bearded Man)
Cotpit – Out Of Time (Future Soundz)
Slam Dunk’d ft. Chromeo & Al-P – No Price (Jaxxon remix) (Columbia)
The Rivalry – Start Of Forever (Rivalry Recordings)
Simon O’Shine ft. Eskova – You May Love (Suanda Music)
Jaytech – Entropy (Positronic Digital)
Markus Schulz ft. Departure with Gabriel & Dresden – Without You Near (Judah remix) (White Label)
N&R Project – Mystic Garden (Silent Shore Recordings)
Arshia Alipour ft. Juliet Lyons – 2 Minutes To The Night (Redux Digital)
Bjoern Michels ft. Amber Traill – This Kind Of Fight (Redux Digital)

These are tracks being played on the best dance floors, radio stations and podcasts around the world. I love The Rivalry – Start Of Forever and the N&R Project track is something different too.

Enjoy the music!

The Rivalry – Start Of Forever

I heard this for the first time the other day.  Absolutely massive, massive, massive!

Picture of the band

The Rivalry are Rob Hawthorne, Darren Mellor, Rich Howshall and Rich Wheatley from Stoke-on-Trent.

So far they have been a major part of BBC Introducing Stoke and offered support to Ocean Colour Scene, Proud Mary and Primal Scream.

But surely national recognition will follow this track? It’s an absolute belter.

Listen to more of the music on YouTube and keep following their work on Facebook and Twitter.

And get requesting it on the radio. This is the start of something.

Clubmix Summer 2014

This is a 2 disc album compilation featuring some of the biggest dance hits from the summer of 2014.

There are 44 tracks including 9 top 10 hits ranging from EDM to Deep House.

Some of the artists featured include Ed Sheeran, Fedde Le Grand, Dario G, Duke Dumont and Madison Avenue.

There are also tracks from the likes of David Guetta, Coldplay, Route 94 and Hot Natured.

For more information check out:

Clubmix Summer 2014 is released on 11 August.


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